Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

“Conventional cigarettes account for about 80% of nicotine consumption in the United States, but more than 98% of the illness and death. This harm is not caused by the nicotine, but by toxic products of combustion. A cigarette smoker can reduce his or her risk of future tobacco-related death by 98% or better by switching to a low risk smokeless tobacco product. He or she could cut that risk by 99.9% or better by switching to a nicotine-only delivery product like one of the pharmaceutical products or

Dr. Joel L. Nitzkin
Chair, American Associate on Public Health Physicians, April 2, 2010

You may be asking yourself though,“But are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?” – “I’ve heard some negative things about them – like, the nicotine leaks out of the cartridges”. Those were much earlier, low quality units,… the technology has far advanced since those early model units . “They may be bad for you and they’re not FDA approved”. Study after study, and testimonial after testimonial have shown Electronic Cigarettes to clearly be the Healthier, Safer and Less Expensive way to Smoke. And, well, we all know tobacco cigarettes are bad for you, Click Here if you’d like to see just how bad,… and they’re not FDA approved either. “I even saw/heard of news reports that two Electronic Cigarettes actually exploded on people!, YIKES!, I don’t know, I have doubt’s about these things”. PLEASE NOTE: The complete facts behind the “Exploding” Electronic Cigarette incidents have been noted as being inconclusive. One of the Electronic Cigarettes was reportedly modified, otherwise known as a “mod” – essentially a homemade device Click Here for more information. And the other so called “Explosion” story allegedly consisted of an Njoy brand Electronic Cigarette purchased from Walmart, however this story is seemingly being dismissed as a falsehood due to the fact that the story claimed that the “Explosion” took place as the woman removed the Electronic Cigarette from its packaging, yet she suffered no injuries, and there were no visuals of the device or packaging that suffered the explosion, etc. It also has been reported that Craig Weiss (President and CEO of NJOY) has stated that “NJOY takes any claim of any type of product failure very seriously and immediately investigated this report. We have spoken to the woman who was the subject of the story and she has confirmed that, contrary to reports, the device did not “explode” and is fully intact” and “There are other elements of her story that also lead us to question the veracity of the report”.

With these types of stories circulating I can totally understand the hesitation one might have toward trying an Electronic Cigarette, that’s why it’s important to research and get the facts before trying something new, especially something that can affect one’s health. So below we’ve located Quality Information to help you easily make an educated decision of your own. Upon our review of this information we have found that High-Quality Electronic Cigarettes (such as those listed here on our site) are clearly Healthier, Safer, and as an added benefit, as you’ll also see below, Much Less Expensive than tobacco cigarettes.

Once you’ve reviewed this Quality Information, please return to this page, as we have provided additional information to help you decide whether or not making the switch to a High-Quality Electronic Cigarette is right for you.

Click Here
For The 10 Electronic Cigarette Science Truths,… Just The Facts, The Science, The Truth.

Click Here
For The American Council On Science And Health’s Latest Electronic Ciagarette News. Please Note: Once re-directed to their site simply type in “electronic cigarrettes” in the Quick Search field located at the upper right and click “search”.

Also, here are some comprehensive explanations, opinions/views of Nicotine, Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes by Dr. David Baron, Chief of Staff, UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica, CA. Although he references the Smoke Stik Brand of Electronic Cigarettes in particular, his explanations are harmonious to the other brands listed on our site as well.

When considering the above facts and health information, the cost savings associated with switching from conventional tobacco cigarettes to an Electronic Cigarette brand as calculated below (1 pack of tobacco cigarettes per day at $6. per pack = a savings of approximately $1,460. per year, $7,300 in 5 years and so on,… +/- a little depending on the Electronic Cigarette brand you choose), and the Lifetime and Money Back Guarantees included with the High-Quality, Top Rated Brands listed on this site, why not go ahead and order one (or all) of them today? You can simply try them all, keep the one you like best and return the others to recieve your Money Back (people do it every day,… it really is easy).

The companies we have listed here (the large Banner Ads/Factory Direct Links to the right) all offer the Latest Technologies and High-Quality, Up-Scale products that are far superior (though very reasonably priced, again with Lifetime and Money Back Guarantees) to those found in convenience stores and big box discount stores. They are also the brands of choice of many famous and wealthy people who have the ability to choose whatever they want. Some famous people who smoke Electronic Cigarettes include; Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Entourage’s Kevin Connolly, Famous Musician Tom Petty, American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest, former Baseball Star Jose Conseco, Twilight’s Nikki Reed, Taryn Manning, Super Model Kate Moss, Dennis Quaid, Katherine Heigl, Trace Cyrus, and more.

And trying/getting started with Electronic Cigarettes is easy, simply click on the Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers Factory Direct Links here on our site (the large Factory Direct Banner Links to the right) for further company and product information and to securely place your order. The latest specials will automatically be displayed when you click the ads on our site (again, the Factory Direct Banner Links to the right).

By switching to the latest in smoking technology, a High-Quality Up-Scale Electronic Cigarette, you can maintain your physical habit/oral fixation,… the holding of a cigarette, the hand-to-mouth action, the sensation of smoking, the smoke-like vapor produced, etc., while gradually decreasing your nicotine consumption/dependence by simply stepping down the nicotine strengths of the Electronic Cigarette Nicotine Cartridges/Cartomizers, which is a HUGE advantage over other nicotine-only delivery devices or pharmaceutical products. And if you just like the action of smoking, once you break your addiction to nicotine you can continue to smoke at a zero mg. nicotine level.

As you can see, by ordering now you have nothing to lose other than all the nastiness (offensive smoke/tar that gets into everything, ash, litter, smokers mouth, etc.,… yuck!) and health robbing properties of your tobacco cigarettes.

If you are going to smoke, or would like to maintain your physical habit of smoking while quitting or even after you quit traditional cigarettes (the nicotine cartridges vary in strength all the way down to zero nicotine, and flavored ones are also available), doesn’t it just make sense to go with the Safer, Healthier, Less Expensive alternative – the Electronic Cigarette?

So review the informative article’s, video’s and other information we’ve put together for you here on our site, then click on the Factory Direct Links throughout our site for further information on the High-Quality Electronic Cigarette Companie’s and their product’s and place your order now to rid yourself of all the nastiness and health robbing properties of your “old-style” tobacco cigarettes. Think about it,… it really does just make sense,…and you really have nothing to lose other than the time it takes to try something new, yet as you can see there is a lot to be gained. Why wait? Order now.

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Best Wishes, Be Well and Stay Well.


Vin Tusa, CAO/Managing Director

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Electronic Cigarettes Cost Savings Calculation Comparison

Example: Tobacco Cigarettes – $6.00/pack x 1 pack/day x 365 days = $2190.00/year

Electronic Cigarettes – approx. $2.00/pack (this cost is even less when purchased during promotions/sales and depending on the e-cigarette brand you choose) x 1 pack/day x 365 days = $730.00/year

For an average Savings of $1460. per year ($7,300. in 5 years, etc.) by switching to the Safer, Healthier, (and as you can see), Less Expensive Way To Smoke – The Electronic Cigarette (and again, that’s at $6.00 per per pack for tobacco cigarettes,… in many locations the cost is much higher).

NOTE: This savings calculation does not take into account the savings in reduced health care costs or the fact that Electronic Cigarette smokers smoke less, as they no longer feel the need to finish off an entire cigarette just because they have it lit. They generally take a few puffs of the Electronic Cigarette and that satisfies their urge, thus consuming even less and experiencing an even greater savings.

Live Life Fully, Improve Your Wellness, Make The Switch Today!

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